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Pigs application
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Joined: 31st Aug 2016
Rank: Newbie
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3rd Jan

1 - In Game name *


2 - Age *


3 - Country 

US of A

4 - How long have you been playing on the  server  *

Maybe Half an Hour?

5 - Do you have experience in being a staff *

I have experience running minigame servers and Factions servers as a CoOwner working in a Dev Position. 3 Servers that I've worked on are still up. I can provide IPs if requested.
5 - Anything else you want to add tell us?

I'm a nerd. I build and take apart computers for fun. I know some Javascript and HTML5. My preferred position is working behind the scenes as a Dev, or in a lead position such as Head-Admin. 
Forum » Forums » Apply for a staff rank
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