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Applying for Mod
Forum » Forums » Apply for a staff rank
Joined: 3rd Jan
Rank: Newbie
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3rd Jan

Here is the correct application format, not following this will make your application get closed.
* - Required

1 - Wolfee-Z *

2 - 16 *

3 - Wales, UK 

4 - Ive been playing 3 Hour so far but I think I will be great in the future  *

5 - Yes I have I own my own server (Cant say due to advertising) and I have a few staff members even though it isn't payed its for dev plugins I have been staff many times on MCPE I used to play that*

5 - Nope
Joined: 23rd Jul 2016
Rank: --
Likes 2
5th Jan

Application Accepted!

But you  need to wait until 

the next friday!
Forum » Forums » Apply for a staff rank
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